Assassins Creed Outfit

You can buy one here.

A customer commissioned me to make a assassins creed inspired dress, She gave me a picture of a dress she liked and this is where I started. I decided to lace the back of the dress to give the back some support without using a zip. The customer wanted a full cloak instead of should cape in the picture below. For the red parts of this dress I used Dylon Tulip Red, 1 box of machine dye for 500g of material.



I started with the bodice and decided to draft my own pattern.

Bodice Pattern



The material I used was quite transparent so I lined the bodice. In retrospect, I would have used a a weightier fabric that wasn’t as transparent. I gathered the bust pieces and attached them to the top of the waist panel. I attached all of the back panels together ( rectangular one in the middle) and then attached the front to the back.

2014-06-05 18.55.52


The next step was to design the skirt, which I made from 8 strips of 0.3 m by 1m. 4 of these red and 4 white. I hemmed each strip on 3 sides and overlapped them equally around the waist. To make attaching the skirt to the bodice easier, I attached the strips together and then sewed together the bodice and skirt. At the front of the dress, I tacked the panels together so the skirt only parted from mid-thigh.

For the lacing, I placed eyelets every 2cm up either side of the modesty panel and then used ribbon to lace.

2014-06-24 17.03.40

For the cloak, I drafted my own pattern. The top of the pattern was designed by pinning paper to my dress makers doll and drawing the shape I wanted. sew the two pieces together leaving a gap to be able to turn it inside out.

Cloak pattern



For the hood I used a pattern from Tally’s Treasury. I lined the hood in red and attached to the cloak along the neck line. Next, I braided some hemmed strips and attached to brass rings. I then hand stitched the cloak to the brass rings.

2014-06-24 17.10.15 2014-06-24 17.03.09

To attach the dress to the cloak, I added hook and eyes to both sides of each bust piece.

2014-06-24 17.01.37



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